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Small Print: Reserve a 1/4 page ad in our Fall issue of ABV magazine by August 8 and we will match your ad size (or, if you prefer, offer a free matching space in our magazine Directory). Doubling of ad size available to clients who reserve a minimum 4 issues, beginning with our Fall issue. Clients must be in good standing. Doubled ad size available in second issue or later of contract (unless agreed upon beforehand by Publisher). Contact us at to find out more!

at abv magazine, we don't sell advertising space.

we build partnerships.

At ABV we love our Northern California brew and booze scene. Beer. Spirits. Cocktails made with local ingredients. Cider. Mead. All of it. We seek it out, we ask for it, we stockpile it, we share it with our friends and neighbors. We write about it, shout about it, photograph it, get into arguments about it. We like hearing stories about how it's made: How and why did you start your company? What inspired you to do what you do to make what you do taste like it does?

From this passion, the idea for ABV magazine arose back in 2016, launching our first issue in mid 2017. With every page, every photo, every story, we look to elevate and celebrate it all. We are here to shout and proclaim that "Gosh dang it, there's some really great sh*t coming out of Northern California, so get your ass over to the nearest brewery, tap room, bottle room, distillery, cider maker, meadery or any supporting establishment and get your drink on!"

This is why we don't sell advertising space: we don't view those who support ABV as advertisers. We view them as partners. It is our goal - nay, our job - to do all we can to help our partners succeed. We do this by promoting you and your products to our readers (and other businesses – we distribute to retailers and suppliers as well). This could include Instagram and/or Facebook posts, editorial consideration (not guaranteed, but ... eh), budget-friendly packages that might include free doubling of ad sizes, free inclusion in our directory, or favorable positioning, or some other perks as yet undisclosed; and, as part of this package, we include a well-viewed space in the only regional magazine dedicated solely to Northern California's amazing craft beverage community and culture. All this at budget-friendly rates crafted so any company, regardless of size, of how long you've been in business, can see results from having ABV partner with you.

Listen, chances are you own or run or manage a brewery, tap room, bottle shop, winery, distillery, cocktail lounge, brewpub, tasting room, homebrew supply store, cidery, meadery, or a business that supports one of these businesses. You are here because you're curious about ABV magazine and what it can do for you and your business.

Request some information by filling out the short form below, and let's start the conversation. We're here to help you succeed, let us show you how.

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