Booze & Banter - Winter 2018


NAME: Kat B.
LOCATION: DNA Lounge, San Francisco (

That’s some kick-ass pink hair. What are we drinking tonight?
Trumer Pils. I’m not actually a huge fan.

Why’s that?
It just doesn’t taste like much. It’s pretty plain and not very exciting. Kind of like cereal. It’s weird. I don’t usually drink beer, and I thought I’d take a chance on something local. Maybe it’s the tap.

What’s your preferred drink?
Usually, I’m a glass of wine or a good cocktail kind of girl.

So decidedly not a beer drinker?
I’m from New York.

What brings you to DNA Lounge?
I just got off work, and I’m deciding what to do with my night. I’m going to knit for a bit and decide on whether or not I want to go chat on my friend’s radio show or just keep drinking. Kayleena Pierce-Bohen