Booze & Banter - Fall 2017


Name: Jonathan H.
Location: 101 North Brewing, Petaluma

What brings you to 101 north Brewing?
Petaluma is getting big for craft beers, and I’d heard about all the other ones around here, but never checked this place out. I live in LA, and we don’t have a lot of great breweries to pick from. Not like the North Bay. So this was a fun field trip.

What are you drinking?
The Sunburst Sour (7% ABV, 47 IBU). I’m a big fan of sours.

Why did you pick that style?
Everyone is into this IPA sh*t. Everything is so bitter. It’s why I like sours. They don’t have that hoppy aftertaste that hipsters seem to blow a load over.

How does it taste?
Better than an IPA.

Would you drink it again?
I would. It’s slightly bitter, but hoppy in the middle, then has a nice smooth malty finish.