Booze & Banter - Fall 2018

Location: Murphy’s Pub, San Francisco

217 Kearny St., San Francisco

Name: Eddie W.

What are we drinking tonight?
Old Potrero Rye, on the rocks. It was a good decision! [Ed. note: Old Potrero is made by Hotaling (once known as Anchor Distilling). It’s an 18th Century-style single malt rye.]

Why is that?
A friend suggested it. They usually like really harsh whiskeys, but I decided to take a chance on it, and was surprised that OP was so smooth. I can feel it putting hair on my chest, but it’s not like licking a rock. I can picture drinking it straight or in a cocktail, and that kind of versatility is great.

What’s your usual?
I’m a sucker for a saison, but I’ll try anything once. Life’s short, you gotta try all the things.

What brought you to Murphy’s?
I was at the gym with a friend, the one who suggested Old Potrero, and it just seemed like a great night to walk to the bar and see where the night goes. Murphy’s is a neighborhood stalwart, always chill, meet new friends, relax. It’s one of the best places in the FiDi for a relaxed weeknight, night cap scenario.