Moksa's Derek Gallanosa

Sacramento’s Moksa head brewer Derek Gallanosa talks about their newest pour, the Rad Berry Swirl

On August 31, 2018 the day before its public release, we sat down with Head Brewer Derek Gallanosa of Moksa Brewing to discuss his newest stout masterpiece, Rad Berry Swirl.

I want to talk to you about your newest release, the Rad Berry Swirl. I’ve heard you guys describe this as an ice cream stout. Did you use Astronaut ice cream when you made this?

Yes. It was mainly lactose and vanilla. Like a little creaminess but also some vanilla to increase that creaminess. You have the fruit addition too. That was our thinking, instead of calling it milk stout, we call it the ice cream stout. We also added three pounds per gallon of raspberry puree. A healthy percentage of the beer is actually fruit. It’s a very fruit-forward beer. That’s why I chose it. It has a lot of fruit characteristics, it’s definitely fruit beer.

Where did you get the idea for this beer?

Just talking to the team that we collaborated with, which is Toronado, out of San Francisco. They drove down and hung out for the day to brew with us. We were trying to come up with the concept. They wanted Imperial Stout, I said “There’s a really big ice-cream scene going on in San Francisco.” so we all decided, “All right. Let’s pay homage to the San Francisco ice cream scene.” Which, I didn’t know there was. Apparently, that’s a thing.

When drinking it, I noticed that the vanilla sweetness of the stout and the bitterness of the roast are juxtaposed with the tartness of the berries; they all interplay equally. How do you think this beer will sit and age?

I think it’s going to age beautifully, especially with those raspberries. We develop our recipes around real ingredients to create that long-lasting real fruit flavor. The tartness will mellow out and make a nice sweeter raspberry flavor down the road.

Story and photos by Peter Roehm.

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