Top Five Tiki Bar Destinations in the Bay Area

Otto Von Stroheim gives us his top five picks for best Tiki destinations in the Bay Area.

  1. Trader Vic’s
    9 Anchor Dr., Emeryville

    Where it all began, and therefore where you should too. Don’t just order a Mai Tai here, most drinks are originals from the Trader himself.

  2. Tonga Room
    950 Mason St., San Francisco (in the basement of the Fairmont Hotel, Union Square)

    Operating continuously since 1945, this tropical den has undergone a recent re-visit, with new bartenders and a cocktail menu update.

  3. Pagan idol
    375 Bush St., San Francisco

    From the folks behind Bourbon and Branch, a décor of tiki huts and erupting volcanoes are matched by top-quality, authentic drinks.

  4. Smuggler’s Cove
    650 Gough St., San Francisco

    Martin Cate, the brains behind the Cove, is our modern-day Trader Vic. With four other tropical-themed locales around the country under his belt, he must be doing something right.

  5. Forbidden Island
    304 Lincoln Ave., Alameda

    One of the first retro-modern Tiki bars to come to the Bay Area since Trader Vic’s and Tonga Room, cocktails are broken down by era. Also featuring live music and entertainment.

Honorable Mentions

Kon-Tiki and Kona Club, both in Oakland; Last Rites, Luau Lounge (both in SF); Dive Bar,Sacramento (because live mermaids, that’s why.)

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