Fellows & Foragers Absinthe (Young and Yonder Spirits)

Fellows & Foragers Absinthe

Young & Yonder Spirits, Healdsburg (60% ABV)


Color is light chartreuse. Initial nose is very citrus-forward with anise and some fennel, but with very little alcohol coming through. Let it sit before sipping to really bring out the ginger, lemon peel, tarragon, and slight eucalyptus flavors. Added a couple drops water to expand flavors (no sugar though). Licorice comes through in the finish with hints of sweetness. A bit too strong for drinking straight (IMO), but I could see this working in a Sazerac or their own Absinthe Mojito (recipe on their website). ($54.99) — Jake Speed

SONG PAIRING: “These are my Friends,” lovelytheband