Brew That Brew That You Do - Devil's Canyon Full Boar Scotch Ale

Chris Garrett, beer chieftain, Devil's Canyon Brewing

Chris Garrett, beer chieftain, Devil's Canyon Brewing

BEER: Full Boar Scotch Ale (7.4% ABV)
BREWERY: Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company

What was your inspiration for full boar?
I got into brewing beer for one simple reason — I wanted to make something tangible. I was in the tech industry and I wanted to make something with my hands that people could experience on the other end when it was done. I brewed a lot of beer in college and I got really into the experience of not just making it, but of seeing how people reacted to it. It made me feel good. Beer is about creating new things, and I hadn’t tasted anything like this yet.

full boar scotch.jpg

How long have you been brewing this?
Full Boar is our flagship beer, we’ve been brewing it for over ten years. We won competitions with it years ago when we were getting into business in the 2000s. It was really popular, and in a way we started everything with it as one of our pillars. It’s got a really robust flavor. It remains a fan favorite.

What should people taste when  drinking/sipping this?
To me, it tastes like a Heathcliff bar — really heavy on the toffee and the caramel. But really, I want people to taste a solid beer with a lot of flavor. 

How is the best way to enjoy a full boar?
It’s best cold, but if it’s room temperature, throw it over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It tastes great as a float — you can’t say that about every beer.

What local dish would you recommend to go with the full boar?
Anything off of our food trucks on one of our Friday night events. Probably one of the Southern ones. Chocolate cake? It’s honestly great with steak too. 

What song goes best with this?
Metal. Rock. Something heavy like punk. Anything by Green Day. It’s a sweet beer but it’s got a lot of punch, a lot of kick to it. 


935 Washington St., San Carlos
(650) 592-BREW