State of the “Brew”nion With the CCBA's Scott Marks

Scott Marks

Scott Marks

State of the “Brew”nion

As the suds of 2018 dissipate, the California Craft Brewing Association looks ahead to 2019

Founded way back in 1989 by a few California breweries, including Anchor Brewing’s Fritz Maytag and Sierra Nevada’s Ken Grossman, the California Craft Brewers Association serves as a nonprofit trade association representing craft breweries across our Golden State. While it’s core mission is to protect and defend the interests of the craft brewing industry at the State Capitol level, they also offer educational events across the state to help brewers stay in compliance with ever-changing local and state regulations and in general be of as much help as possible for new and existing breweries trying to grow their business to the next level.

One of their biggest events is the upcoming California Craft Beer Summit, happening this September 6-8. Not only is it a chance for craft brewers to meet and greet and catch-up with others in the industry, the two day event will be packed with seminars, how-tos, Q&As with industry notables, and of course, lots of tasting (last year they had several sections on cooking with beer, which was fantastic). The Summit also serves as a “State of the Union” of sorts as brewers get a glimpse of what 2019 might look like for them — the lay of the [beer] land.

Scott Marks, Business Development Coordinator for the CCBA, joined the group in 2013 with the goal to grow the association’s activities to match the growing industry. To give a perspective of how much the industry has grown, there were 313 breweries in California when he joined. Today there are more than 930, and that number is growing. We decided to sit down with Scott for a pint (virtually), and talk about the CCBA, the state of craft brewers in California, and what 2019 might hold.

ABV: What are some common questions new members ask you about the beer business and the CCBA?
Scott Marks (SM):
Many breweries contact the CCBA when they have questions related to licensing, trade-enforcement, and products or services related to their needs. The CCBA provides a broad realm of services and resources to our brewery members, including fostering communications within the industry and addressing critical business and supply issues.

ABV: There seems to be this anti-competitive nature amongst the CCBA members — how do you see that changing as more breweries open?
We continue to see the craft beer industry evolve with the grassroots, entrepreneurial spirit that has brought us here today. Just take a walk around the California Craft Beer Summit and you’ll feel the spirit of this open, welcoming, and supportive community. As competition increases, CCBA continues to support the comradery that makes this industry so special to the thousands of brewery owners across the state and nation.

ABV: What’s the best advice you have for new breweries?
Grow responsibly!

ABV: What’s your favorite NorCal beer of the moment?
All California brands of West Coast IPA

ABV: Best song to pair with it?
“Okay, Alright” by .moe

California Craft Beer Summit

September 6-8, Sacramento

The 2018 California Craft Beer Summit is happening this September 6-7 and is open to all members. Make plans to stick around for the Summit Beer Festival on September 8:
the largest beer festival on the West Coast, there will be so many California breweries in attendance (over 160), they need to host it outside on Capitol Mall!




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